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Tuesday, 05 May 2009 00:00

Netlive is a linux installation used by "Istituto Paschini" in Tolmezzo (Udine - Italy):


aula informatica Paschini

that has made possible the realization of a diskless IT class based on open source software.
Diskless means that it is composed by local computers without hard disks so they have a low energy consumption.
The single machines although aren't dumb terminals but execute locally (standalone) a software downloaded from the LAN - through boot pxe - from an economic mass server, without any special power features.
This way, Netlive has permited to created a centralized Network, based on modern machines, with low costs and low energy consumption, easy to manage and very handy to use.
Technically, Netlive is a read-only disk image, compressed in a squashfs file, served via network, which works with the same principles of a Knoppix cdrom or any live distribution on a usb flash drive. To create the squashfs disk we started from an image created with the same instruments of the Debian-live project:


but we could have started from any other linux installation. Subsequently, we modified the initial system for our goal, adding programs and adjusting the desktop environments (kde-3.5).
Among other things, since this seems to be an undenieble need for the school, we have configured the clients to be able to make a connection rdesktop to a remote Windows server, in an absolutely transparent way for the user, which will be able to choose the prefered operating system when logging in feeling like it is beeing executed locally. Alternatively the user can execute an rdesktop connection in an indipendent window after accessing the linux environment, like executing a local emulation.

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